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Wondering if ADHD Coaching is a right fit for you?  I would love to talk with you about your goals in a FREE initial 30-minute consultation.  During this time, you can get to know me briefly and we can discuss any questions you have about me and ADHD Life Coaching.

If you chose to move on to further explore developing a personalized ADHD Coaching plan, we can then schedule a Coaching Strategy Session.


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Session Package Pricing

STUDENTS:  Ask about discounts available to help you THRIVE in the new distance learning environment due to COVID.


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Coaching Strategy Session

Up to 90 Minute Session Adults
: $180
Up To 60 Minute Session for Children/Teens: $125

STUDENTS:  Ask about discounts available to help you THRIVE in the new distance learning environment due to COVID.

During your strategy session we will develop a mutually agreed upon coaching plan tailored to your personal needs.

In this session, we will discuss in detail several things in order to develop a comprehensive coaching plan suitable to help you thrive.  Topics such as why you want to be coached, your dreams, vision for the future and your goals for your coaching sessions will be part of this strategy session.


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Private Coaching

Best Value:  Three 3-Month Package: $1,500

Month to Month $480

The 3-month package is often the best value when you have tried it all and need time to explore and implement several strategies that result in big change.  The 3-month package Includes twelve weekly hourly sessions with four 20 minute check in sessions.

Month to Month Packages Include 4 sessions to be used each month.

STUDENTS:  Ask about discounts available to help you THRIVE in the new distance learning environment due to COVID.

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All based per hour.  Packages rates are for once a week sessions for coaching to be most beneficial to client.


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ADHD Parent Coaching Package

Two Weekly One Hour Sessions with Two 30-Minute Check In Sessions: $250

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This parent mini-coaching package is designed for parents who want to learn more about ADHD.  This gives parents the opportunity to ask questions that will be answered by an expert who has personally thrived with ADHD as well as parented and taught ADHD children, teens, college students and adults.


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Gaming/Electronic Media Parent Coaching

60 minutes: $125

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This parent coaching is designed for the parent concerned about gaming or social media misuse in their child or teen.  During these sessions, parents will be able to ask questions of a mother who has been down this path with her son and share your particular situation.  We will design a plan that is tailored to your family and situation to help your child/teen thrive in the fast-moving electronic world we live in.  If situation deems necessary, the 4-session package with two mini coaching sessions may be an appropriate choice.   

Important note:  This session package is for the parent only.  If a child or teen needs coaching, an appropriate coaching strategy plan can be discussed during these sessions.

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