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Do you or someone you care about have ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a group of difficulties/symptoms that are present enough in your life as to become obstacles to your daily goals and intentions. 

Whether you are diagnosed or not, if you experience some of these difficulties, ADHD coaching will be appropriate for you. It is based on techniques to deal with those difficulties, regardless of their intensity in your life.

Learn more about ADHD Coaching

Are you and/or your loved ones struggling with any of the following difficulties?

- Distractibility/Maintaining Focus
​- Finishing Task/Sticking to Goal
- Organizational Skills
- Scheduling and Planning
- Self-Discipline
- Self-Esteem
- Self-Awareness
- Adopting Healthy Habits

- Time Management
- Memory
- Following Up
- Social Skills
- Prioritizing
- Procrastination
- Managing Frustration
- Impulsivity


What Options Are Available for Coaching?

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Traditional Life Coaching
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You don’t have to go it alone

Think that ADHD Life Coaching could help you or a person you care about?

I can help and invite you to schedule complimentary consultation with me to see how working together can change your life.

You can reach me at leslie@thrivewithadhd.net or schedule a complementary consultation by clicking the button below.